Posted on:
4th October, 2021

Zero Carbon Tour 2021 - Prologis UK

In partnership with Prologis UK there will be a three-hour training session which will ensure you gain a good understanding of net zero carbon, what it means to your business, and the steps involved in joining the UN-backed Race to Zero.

Key takeaways:

  • Demystify jargon and provide you with a thorough understanding of commonly used terminology relating to net zero carbon, such as emission scopes, carbon offsets, carbon neutral and more.
  • Overview of the main drivers for why businesses seek to set net zero targets and take immediate action.
  • An opportunity for you to reflect on the main sources of carbon emissions in your business and what could be done to cut them.
  • To introduce the UN-backed Race to Zero campaign so that you know what it entails to make a net zero pledge through theĀ Planet Mark website.

For participants who complete the full training session, we will issue a certificate of training along with tools and resources. You will receive a Sustainability Plan template, Emissions Sources template, a Pathway to Zero calculator, along with a copy of the presentation.

Click here for more information and to book your place.

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