Posted on:
11th November, 2021

How LEPs work with universities to help level up

The latest report from the Academy of Social Sciences demonstrates how LEPs and other local partners are working with universities across the country to make places better and show what levelling up means in practice.

How LEPs work with universities to help level up

The majority of case studies cited in the report - 'The Place to Be' - demonstrate just how closely LEPs work with their partner universities to improve the economic and social outcomes of places across the country.

The report brings together 24 case studies showcasing what university-based social scientists are doing with their partner organisations to make local areas, businesses and public services better and improve social and economic outcomes. It is a sample of the breadth and depth of the work being done across the social sciences to address these issues.

The report highlights projects that work with private sector businesses as well as local governments, health and education bodies to make real practical improvements. 

Some also work with STEM colleagues in areas such as transport planning, health improvements, ageing, or data science projects.  The report shows that most social science disciplines are involved in this work, contributing to the ‘levelling up’ of local areas and communities.

Junior Minister for Levelling up, Neil O’Brien MP has set out core themes of ‘levelling up’ as: empowering leaders and communities; growing the private sector and boosting living standards; spreading opportunity and boosting public services; and restoring local pride.

These case studies demonstrate how LEPs work with their partners to help relaise that vision.