Posted on:
19th June, 2019

Leadership Academy Programme

Disability Rights UK run a leadership academy for disabled employees looking to move into leadership roles.

The Leadership Academy Programme (LAP) is a career development programme for disabled employees. The 2019-20 cohort will be the 5th year and has been very successful to date. The programme is designed to consider leadership and career progression for employees living with a disability. Delegates with various disabilities have seen a marked improvement in their confidence, motivation, and acceptance of seeing their disability as a positive advantage. Many have gone on to successfully apply for new leadership posts and finished the programme feeling more open about discussing their disability. To apply, applicants will need to complete an application form, the cost is £1800+VAT and must be supported by their employer.  

There is also the opportunity for senior managers to volunteer 8 hours of their time, to mentor delegates through their leadership journey. This is an exciting opportunity to receive training and join a strong network of other committed mentors.

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