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14th February, 2019

Leeds LEP welcomes Best AI Start-Up to its new HQ

Scaled Insights EMEA Ltd, an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) start up incubated in Toronto by IMC Business Architecture, announced their new UK headquarters location as Leeds.

Leeds LEP welcomes Best AI Start-Up to its new HQ

The company has been developing links with the city for some time having collaborated with the University of Leeds to develop Scaled Insights’ Artificial Intelligence. The University of Leeds team helped perfect the neural net-based algorithms that underpin SI’s core technology. This has resulted in a signed agreement with Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust to co-create studies that will unlock insights to improve patient care both locally and internationally.

Additionally, Scaled Insights is working with Health Education England and the University of Leeds’ Institute of Medical Education, using big data to understand how to offer better training to medical students.

The announcement comes at a time of momentum for the firm following its win of Best AI Start Up at the Annual Global AI Awards in London in December 2018.

Stuart Sherman, CEO of IMC BA and Founder of Scaled Insights, said:

“'I’m delighted to announce the formation of our UK company. It’s been great to get to know Leeds and experience the warm Yorkshire welcome. It’s clear that Leeds is enjoying significant growth, particularly in Fintech and Medtech, which is a testament to the city’s ambitions.

“We looked at a number of locations across the UK and chose Leeds. We are excited about the digital, data and creative strengths of the Leeds City Region. Having collaborated extensively with several faculties and leading researchers at the University of Leeds, we are delighted to broaden our research and development activities in partnership with them and the Research and Innovation Centre at the Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust.”

Roger Marsh OBE, Chair of Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP):

“It’s great to welcome Scaled Insights to Leeds City Region. Innovation runs in our DNA, particularly in healthcare resulting in our region being home to the UK’s largest medtech cluster. I’m delighted that the collaboration with the University of Leeds will use data to improve people’s health and support positive behaviour change and I look forward to seeing the company grow.”

Leeds City Region is a significant centre for healthcare. It is home to one of Europe’s largest teaching hospitals, four NHS headquarters, 30 centres specialising in personalised medicine and is a leading centre for patient records management. The region’s digital sector contributes £6.5 billion to the City Region economy and employs 102,000 people.


Notes to Editors 

How will the Leeds office work with the Canada office?

Work will be created in both centers, but we have a specific goal, especially in the Medical space, of creating projects that will be multicentered, where we will do the same studies with our Partners at both Leeds Teaching Hospital and Toronto’s University Health Network.

Why Leeds?

Vibrant fintech and healthcare ecosystems across the Leeds City Region, Yorkshire and the Northern Powerhouse – Stuart regularly speaks at Fintech North

Access to cutting edge research and development talent from the region’s universities

Support from the University of Leeds, particularly Professors Lisa Roberts, David Hogg, Iain Clacher (Business School), Vania Dimitrova and David McKee from the School of Computing

The collaborative spirit and warm welcome from the academic and industry from the region

Notable Partnerships

  • IMC have been collaborating with University of Leeds to develop the core technology that underpins Scaled Insights neural net-based algorithms.
  • Agreement signed with Leeds Teaching Hospital Trusts’ Research & Innovation centre to co-create data studies that reveal previously inaccessible insights from the latent data the organization collects at scale.
  • Grateful to the local business community for the warm, Northern welcome, in particular the team from Fintech North and Whitecap Consulting who continue to feature Stuart as a regular speaker in their flagship annual conference.


Sector Focus & Pilot Projects

Pilot projects underway and in development in financial services, insurance and in healthcare include:

  • Using Scaled Insights’ AI to build Personality Specific communications strategies to assist with healthcare education, disease prevention and patient adherence for the NHS
  • Providing academic institutions with deep insights into how to create personalized learning experiences
  • Providing clinicians with predictive analytics in a format that matches their thinking style
  • Identifying correlations between personality and Net Promoter Scores to better understand the types of customers companies currently have and who they’ve serving well vs. what personalities aren‘t being satisfied
  • Augment the shift from Big Data to real 1:1 relationships; based on personality driven commonalities
  • Provide clarity and predict issues around employee, customer and business partner engagement
  • Mitigate credit or claim risk for Financial Institutions or Insurers

 About Scaled Insights

Scaled Insights, a Startup incubated by IMC Business Architecture, is a custom AI solution combined with specific expertise, that allows companies to bridge their Big Data and Consumer Insights at scale. The goal is to support companies in developing deep insights into new or existing customers behaivours and motivations with very little interaction.

Specifically, Neuro Linguistic Pattern Matching (NLPM) is applied to sources of natural language data (email, social media, call recordings, correspondence, court records etc.), deriving algorithms in order to create unique personality fingerprints that are as unique as a person’s actual fingerprint. Once clustered into groups, personality fingerprints provide insight into why certain groups behave in specific ways, surfacing motivations and allowing organisations to better understand, and sub-segment their stakeholders.

Scaled Insights’ approach is highly applicable in fields that have traditionally struggled to build predictive models due to lack of data, as natural language data is common and relatively easy to generate quickly.

About IMC Business ArchitectureIMC helps organizations re-examine the way they approach software solutions.  We build websites, internal and external portals and systems based on psychology and data.

IMC works directly with our clients’ teams as a fully objective teammate.  Our role is to bring our unique approach, using psychology and research, to identify the underlying or unaddressed human AND technology issues. By uncovering these insights we are able to define and build technology that addresses and solves BOTH of these issues. We understand that technology is used by humans, and that it needs to make sense as well as function.

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