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4th February, 2019

How can the Microsoft Education UK Live Tour help you?

Microsoft Education has just launched the Microsoft Education UK Live Tour. These are free sessions across the UK on digital transformation for senior leadership teams, students, teachers, and PTA chairs and school governors. Here, Tina Jones, Education Engagement Manager UK, Schools and MATs at Microsoft UK, explains what it's all about.

How can the Microsoft Education UK Live Tour help you?

Be the start of something, empowering students through technology.

We’re amid the 4th industrial revolution, where even the way we teach students is changing. Automation is going to affect the jobs market, placing more focus on soft and digital skills – and with technology everywhere, students expect their classrooms to match.

We spoke to students to hear what they thought about their education – and the results were surprising. Students expect greater emphasis on creativity, social, emotional and digital skills than ever before. And for a good reason – only 42 percent of employers say new graduates are prepared for the workforce, especially with social and emotional skills.

On top of that 98 percent of students perform better with personalised learning than traditionally taught students. Therefore, a teacher’s job is more important than ever before. As one of the professions least likely to be automated, it’s clear students still crave skilled, trusted teachers who will prepare them for the future.

To do this, schools themselves need to leverage the power of digital transformation and the cloud. With the right technology, teachers can gain back 30 percent more time – meaning that can be invested back into what matters: students’ learning.

By moving to the cloud, schools can reduce their IT costs, while providing a service that can be securely accessed anywhere, at any time. It even makes security easier to manage, with automatic updates and patches, and providing easy ways to manage users, data, and devices.

Office 365 Education and Microsoft 365 Education both help to unlock creativity, increase collaboration and teamwork. Students can personalise their studies to suit their needs. Educators can access the Educator Community to share ideas, lesson plans, and resources with other teachers.

It can be hard to figure out where to start, but don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’re hosting free sessions in Glasgow, Cardiff, Exeter, Weston and Liverpool to showcase the power of digital transformation, with more dates coming soon.

There will be four tailored sessions for the senior leadership teams, students, teachers, and PTA chairs and school governors. In these, we will show you how technology can help address key challenges in education. We’ll be sharing tips on reducing costs, saving teachers’ time, and enabling students to acquire work ready skills.  

Students are our future, they’re going to help solve social and global challenges not yet imagined. It’s important we equip them with the skills to thrive in their personal and professional lives, and we can only do that if we offer them the tools and encouragement to do so.

Spaces are limited for each session. Please register and share with your community now to avoid disappointment.  We have more dates being added so please keep checking for events in your area!


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