Posted on:
2nd January, 2019

Bridging the skills gap - launch of the Autodesk Digital Catalyst Program

You are invited to the national launch of the Digital Catalyst Program, which aims to bridge the manufacturing skills gap by placing students into industry, accelerating the collaboration between education and industry in a radical new way.

What is the Digital Catalyst Program?
Autodesk has been leading an initiative to help UK manufacturers make better products, sell more and generate greater profit - it’s called The Future of British Manufacturing Initiative (FoBMi). If you’re unfamiliar with the initiative, Autodesk has created a 2-minute overview that explains it all here.

FoBMi members get access to a range of benefits including the Digital Catalyst Program, which places students from leading UK Design and Engineering universities into Small to Medium sized Enterprise (SME’s) to help investigate, adopt or use digital technologies.

Why should you attend?
After piloting this approach successfully over the past 12 months with some dramatic results, Autodesk are ready to scale the program up nationally. During the launch event you will:

• Learn about the Digital Catalyst Program
• Listen to real world SME’s share their experiences of working with Digital Catalysts
• Understand how to engage in the program and help close the UK skills gap
• Be taken on a tour of our Advanced Design & Manufacturing facility.

Click here for more information and to register your attendance.