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19th December, 2019

LEPs eye Queen's Speech and agenda for 2020.

The Queen's Speech was presented to Parliament today (19 December). The speech reflected the Conservative manifesto commitments, a LEP related summery is below.

LEPs eye Queen's Speech and agenda for 2020.

1. The Government’s priority is “to deliver the UKs departure from the European Union on the 31 January.”  The Government will bring forward legislation “to ensure the United Kingdom’s exit on that date and to “make the most of the opportunities this brings for all of the people of the UK.”

2. The Government  will “seek a future relationship with the EU based on a free trade agreement that benefits the whole of the United Kingdom.”  It will also begin trade negotiations with “other leading global economies”

3. Government will embark on an “ambitious programme of domestic reform that delivers on the peoples priorities.”

4. A points based immigration system will “welcome skilled workers from across the world.”

5. There will be an increase in the National Living Wage.

6. Government will increase levels of funding per pupil in every school

7. Measures will be brought forward to increase flexible working.

8. Government will take steps to support home ownership

9. Government will bring forward legislation “to improve internet safety for all.”

10. There will be measures “to ensure every part of the UK can prosper.”

11. Government will invest in public services and infrastructure.

12. Government will prioritise investment in infrastructure and world leading science research and skills in order to “unleash productivity and improve daily life for communities across the country”

13. It will “give communities more control over how investment is spent”

14. To support business, government will increase tax credits for research and development, establish a National Skills Fund, and bring forward changes to business rates.

15. New laws will accelerate gigabyte capable broadband across the UK.

16. To ensure people can depend on the transport network, measures will be developed to provide for “minimum levels of service” during transport strikes.

17. Government will take steps to meet the world leading target of net zero greenhouse gas emmissions by 2050 – land will “lead the way” in  tackling global climate change.

18. A bill will enshrine environment principles and legally binding targets including air quality, and ban export of polluting plastic waste to countries outside OECD – it will also establish an independent regulator in statute.

19. Work will be taken forward to repeal the Fixed Term Parliaments Act.

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