Posted on:
8th November, 2018

LEP launches pilot programme to boost scale-ups

The Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) launched its new Escalator Programme at an event showcasing the importance of scale-up businesses to the economy.

LEP launches pilot programme to boost scale-ups

Scale-up businesses disproportionately contribute to the growth of the economy through innovation, productivity, investment and job creation.  This initiative is the first in the country to focus on providing bespoke support for businesses with a high potential for growth and will included a focused session each month on a specific barrier to growth. As part of the scheme, senior business leaders will engage with, and support, ambitious owners in the Coast to Capital area.

The programme will be developed and managed by Coast to Capital but delivered by a specialist external party, decided through competitive tender and forms a key part of the implementation of the Coast to Capital Strategic Economic Plan "Gatwick 360".

Jonathan Sharrock, Chief Executive at Coast to Capital said:

“We are delighted to have launched the Escalator Programme which will provide crucial business support to leaders and ensure that our area continues to boast some of the most prominent organisations in the country, we look forward to working with exciting and innovative scale-up businesses in the near future.”


Escalator Programme Facts:

1.  The programme will run initially for 6 months from early 2019 and Coast to Capital is keen to discuss the initiatives with interested business leaders.

2.  This model of peer-to-peer roundtables and a professionally delivered programme is highly regarded by the ScaleUp Institute and scaleup businesses that have benefited from similar programmes.

3.  Each peer-to-peer group will be limited to no more than 16 businesses to ensure maximum benefit for the participants.

4.  We will work closely with a specialist delivery partner to deliver a programme that best fits the requirements of the scaleups in the Coast to Capital area.

5.  The programme will be subsidised and participating businesses will be asked to contribute £100 per month.

The programme will:

• Enable you to share your scaleup journeys with like-minded businesses leaders
• Help you understand the barriers to business growth and ways in which peer group colleagues addressed them.
• Help prioritise future strategic growth plans.
• Provide inspiration.

We ask that participants will:

• Attend all of the peer group meetings.
• Be open and honest with yourself, the groups and the facilitator.
• Commit to two actions following the peer to peer groups and be prepared to report back to group meetings.
• Provide data on your company’s performance and provide feedback in order to help us monitor the impact of the programme.
• Publicly celebrate your successes.