Posted on:
6th July, 2018

Kindness and Leadership

Recognising the contribution of kind leaders to business, the economy and society.

The business world is quick to celebrate leaders of profitable and productive workplaces. But how often do those celebrations recognise the part played by kindness? 

2018 is the year we change the conversation around kindness in leadership. Kindness makes business sense; it impacts outcomes, whether it be productivity, engagement or customer service. People do not forget acts of kindness.

Kind leaders change lives, transform organisations and collaborate. Kind leaders inspire creativity and productivity, share meaningful connections, and give their time so that others can give their best. By empowering others to succeed, kind leaders create an environment for the organisation as a whole to succeed. We need to recognise the contribution of these leaders to business, the economy and society.

50 Leading Lights

This campaign will showcase 50 leaders building a new status quo, impacting others through kindness. We will share their stories and leadership styles, and the affect they have on their organisation and industries.

We want their stories to inspire others, and to help to recast the perceptions of ‘strong’ leadership. We want kindness to be seen as a strength in leadership, as a quality and a currency that empowers change.

More information on the awards can be found here.  The closing date for nominations is 17th August 2018.