Posted on:
4th December, 2018

Thames Valley Berkshire LEP has all the pieces in place to forge its Local Industrial Strategy

Thames Valley Berkshire LEP is among the third wave of Local Enterprise Partnerships spearheading the next round of Local Industrial Strategies due to be delivered to government in March 2020.

Thames Valley Berkshire LEP has all the pieces in place to forge its Local Industrial Strategy

Jacinta George, newly appointed LEP Executive Board member said:

“Government has charged LEPs with spearheading economic growth and job creation in their areas and we have a vital role delivering the UK’s Industrial Strategy.

‘I have always had the philosophy that connecting externally with partners is enriching for all, and strong collaboration opportunities lead to faster, more effective delivery of projects. I am delighted to be joining the LEP Board and hope to use my experience to build on the success that the LEP has already achieved.”

As Thames Valley Berkshire develops its Local Industrial Strategy to 2030, we need to futureproof the supply of skills to mitigate the risks to the economy associated with an ageing population, and to capitalise on the opportunities presented by technological change and Brexit. Details can be found in our skills priority statement.

Robin Barnes, Programme Lead for Enterprise, Innovation & Business Growth at Thames Valley Berkshire LEP added,

“I am delighted to be able to report the continued vibrant health of the Berkshire economy and its continued capacity to attract strong levels of FDI.

There is no doubt that there are challenges ahead for the area, however the report provides optimism and demonstrates Berkshire’s resilience and strength for the future. This evidence base will further help inform the development of a Local Industrial Strategy for Berkshire.” 

Read the full details in the Business in Berkshire report.

Sector Deals

The LEP is also moving forward on Sector Deals. Bayer and the Thames Valley Chamber have led the charge on a Life Sciences Sector Deal for the “Thames Valley” (Berkshire and Oxfordshire). A locally/sub-nationally developed sector deal proposition could be incorporated into a Industrial Strategy for Berkshire and provide an opportunity to engage with the government on local asks and opportunities in that sector. A draft Project Plan has been developed and structured interviews are planned; with Life Sciences industry partners.

Berkshire Productivity Commission

The Productivity Commission is a technical working group which will shape and inform the LEP’s wider evidence gathering and distilling evidence-based priorities. The Commission met for the second time on 6 November, the purpose being to consider the analysis of five main issues identified at its first meeting in July 2018, namely:

  1. understanding the information and communications sector in more granular detail and investigating the nature and extent of local innovation ecosystems within it
  2. investigating the dependency of Thames Valley Berkshire’s economy on international businesses and flows of international capital
  3. understanding better the levers on productivity in relation to public sector jobs in TVB
  4. thinking further about the “bit in the middle” and whether/how this might be “made real”
  5. investigating further the (apparently changing) economic make-up of the three subareas and, linked to this, any “absolute constraints” in relation to productivity growth.

Thames Valley Berkshire LEP keeps stakeholders and partners up to date on progress through its Industrial Strategy e-bulletin