Posted on:
5th December, 2018

Coast to Capital Invited to Agree Local Industrial Strategy with Government

The Government has included the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership in its third and final wave of Local Industrial Strategies (LIS) which, following the publication of its new strategy Gatwick 360, will strengthen the area’s economy even further.

Coast to Capital Invited to Agree Local Industrial Strategy with  Government

As part of its wider Industrial Strategy, the Government has been asking Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) in England to develop a Local Industrial Strategy and Coast to Capital is one of the latest to be given the green light. The initiative gives LEPs greater autonomy to boost their local economies by building on their competitive advantages. Coast to Capital’s Local Industrial Strategy will build on Gatwick 360 which sets out the scope for economic growth in an area which is hugely important for the national economy and has Gatwick Airport at its heart.

Coast to Capital’s vision by 2030 is for the towns and cities in the Coast to Capital area to be known around the world as fantastic places to live, to grow and succeed and for the area to become the most dynamic non-city region in
England, centred around a highly successful Gatwick Airport. The strategy sets out eight priorities to grow the area’s economy which include specific actions on urban centres, business infrastructure, sustainable growth, skills, innovation, digital networks, transport and identity.

Jonathan Sharrock, Coast to Capital Chief Executive welcomed the announcement:

‘The Government is clear that LEPs are the vehicles for local growth. We were delighted to launch our new strategy earlier this year and we are now ready to start to negotiate a Local Industrial Strategy with Government. We have already done a lot of work to understand our local economy, our particular strengths and our challenges. Our Board Members will be leading our efforts over the coming year to determine what we will do that is going to deliver on our pledge to make ours the most dynamic non-city region. The Wave 3 announcement is great
news for Coast to Capital and the future of our area’s economy.

The Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said:

“Thank you for all the hard work that you have put into making this area of the country one of the most successful. The breadth of activity in such a relatively small geographical area is truly outstanding. From the industrious businesses surrounding Gatwick airport and Crawley, to the beauty of the South Downs, and
the creative and tech industries, this really is an area that has everything. The work that you co-ordinate is hugely appreciated. It is the bringing together of these strengths that reinforces the success you enjoy.”


Notes to Editors:

1. Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership provides leadership, investment and business support to grow the regional economy -

2. We cover a diverse and vibrant area which includes the London Borough of Croydon, East Surrey, West Sussex and Greater Brighton.

3. In the six years since Coast to Capital was formed, we have successfully invested more than £300 million of public money in local infrastructure.

4. Our Strategic Economic Plan - Gatwick 360˚ - can be downloaded from our website

Priority 1 - Deliver prosperous urban centres

Priority 2 - Develop business infrastructure and support

Priority 3 - Invest in sustainable growth

Priority 4 - Create skills for the future

Priority 5 - Pioneer innovation in core strengths

Priority 6 - Promote better transport and mobility

Priority 7 - Improve digital network capability

Priority 8 - Build a strong national and international identity